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Global Alliance of Additive Manufacturing Associations



GAAMA Advisors

Prof.Alain Bernard
Vice President, French Rapid Prototyping Association

Dr.Khalid Abd elghany
Director, Central Metallurgical Research and development Institute, Egypt
President – Egyptian Association for Additive Manufacturing

Dr.Henri - Jacques Topf
Chairman, Schneider International, GmbH

Dr.Suman Das
Director, Direct Digital Manufacturing Laboratory, Georgia Institute of Technology,USA

Dr.Pulak M Pandey
Advisor, Additive Manufacturing Society of India

Prof.David Ian Wimpenny
Chief Technologist, Manufacturing Centre, UK

GAAMA Founders & Officers

L. Jyothish Kumar
President, Additive Manufacturing Society of India (AMSI)

Prof. Keshavamurthy D.B.
Vice-President, Additive Manufacturing Society of India (AMSI)

Mr. Ashok Varma
CEO & Chairman, Efesto, USA

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